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Teeth Whitening in Ballwin

Teeth whitening is a process that brightens teeth that have been discolored, stained, or been affected by trauma. The in-office options is a short (usually less than 1 hour) visit that leaves your teeth looking instantly whiter. The at-home whitening system includes a mild topical solution and a customized appliance worn over your teeth while you sleep or during the day, and can take several weeks for full results.

Common Causes of Tooth Staining

Stained teeth can be a result of various influences, including:

Stains can be isolated on the surface, or have permeated into the tooth structure.

Tooth Whitening

Anyone who is unhappy with the color of their teeth can potentially be a candidate for teeth whitening. Ask us for a teeth-whitening consultation!

Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Anyone who is unhappy with the color of their teeth can potentially be a candidate for teeth whitening. It’s ideal for patients with healthy natural teeth who just want a whiter smile. We can consult with you to find out if teeth whitening is safe and advisable for you.

What to Expect

Our in-office and at-home teeth whitening options don’t require any tooth structure to be removed, as some other procedures to whiten teeth do. Deep Bleaching Extreme Whitening is applied easily and quickly in our office and works very quickly. Opalescence at-home bleaching trays can be done at night or during the day in your home, and after the initial period of bleaching can be used one day every two or three months to maintain a white, bright smile.

Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity or gum irritation – this period is short in duration and we offer prescription fluoride gel to use to lessen this side effect if it is present. The American Dental Association has given both methods of teeth whitening its seal of approval. The process is deemed both safe and effective, and works for over 95% of patients treated.

Contact us for a teeth whitening consultation to see which method would work best for you!

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