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An incorrect bite might be responsible for your TMJ pain. Contact us today to discuss a solution.

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TMJ and Migraine Treatment in Ballwin MO

TMD & TMJ Treatment Ballwin, MO

Several pain issues associated with the head, jaw, neck and shoulders may actually be caused by an incorrect bite. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

The pain that we experience in our head, jaw, neck and shoulders may actually be caused by an incorrect bite. These uncomfortable and painful conditions can include locking of the jaw, facial pain, headaches and/or migraines, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) to name just a few. These conditions can cause us some intense pain and can severely limit our quality of life. It is important to call our office today so the pain and disorder you are feeling can be taken care of. It is important to know where you are having trouble and what your symptoms are.


Craniofacial pain is the broad term used to encompass all pain disorders of the head and face, including temporomandibular disorders. It can be caused by trauma, stress, poor posture, opening jaw too wide, and some diseases.

Craniofacial pain can include:

Many times headaches and even migraines have a craniofacial pain component, or are completely craniofacial pain related. We have treated numerous patients who thought that they had migraine type headaches, who actually had a muscular (or tension type) headache, usually due to clenching of their teeth. Doctors with proper training and diagnostic skills, are able to pinpoint the cause of these symptoms and provide relief. Dr. Postol has the right skills and experience to help with any craniofacial pain you are experiencing.


Migraines can cause significant pain and can last for hours. They can be debilitating and hard to treat at times. It is important to know if you are experiencing a true migraine or a symptom of craniofacial pain or an incorrect bite.

Here are some clues that your migraine may not be a true migraine at all:

It is important to track your migraine when you can. This way you and the doctor will be able to see the pattern of when your migraines occur. This can help in diagnosing your pain.

A dental appliance called the NTI-TSS is approved by the FDA for use in the Prophylactic Treatment of medically diagnosed migraine pain as well as migraine associated tension type headaches.

Migraines can be brought on by many outside triggers. Some triggers can include hormonal changes, certain foods and drinks, stress, change in environment and grinding your teeth.

You do not have to live with constant, debilitating migraine pain. Call us today and we can help identify if you are experiencing migraines due to an incorrect bite or if it is some other issue.


Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), commonly referred to as “TMJ” , are quite common. Women of childbearing years are the most affected, but temporomandibular disorders can affect men, and children as well. The most common clinical symptoms of temporomandibular disorders include:

Each patient is different and the number, intensity and frequency of TMD symptoms each presents is unique. Many other conditions such as tooth decay and sinus problems can cause similar symptoms so it is important to come to our office so we can diagnose TMD/TMJ properly. If we do suspect a problem we will take an x-ray of your full face. This will allow us to view your jaw and temporomandibular joints, and teeth and we will be able to rule out any other problems. TMD/TMJ is not life threatening but if left untreated can lead to other serious issues. It may start with just clicking of the jaw but can turn in to serious jaw pain later. Don’t wait to address this issue.


If you have any jaw pain it is important to call our office and visit with Dr. Postol. In the meantime some home remedies may help ease your pain, such as:

Treatment for TMJ / TMD and jaw pain often involves conservative therapy with use of oral orthotics or “splints.” In our office, day use splints are usually fabricated to be worn on the bottom teeth to make it more comfortable, less noticeable and easier to speak with it in. We generally prescribe a separate splint for night time use which is worn on the upper teeth. In addition to use of the splints, other therapies for jaw pain treatment may include:

Craniofacial pain, migraines, TMD/TMJ, and jaw pain can be debilitating at times and can really limit how we live our lives. It can interfere with our work, stress level and our relationships with others. It is important if you are experiencing any of these symptoms that you call us immediately to schedule my appointment. We can help you find relief and point you in the direction you need to go and treatment if needed. Don’t spend another day waiting to see if your pain will go away. It is worth the call so you can get back to living your life. Dr. Postol is experienced and cares about his patients and about what he does. Contact us today!

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