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Root Canal Treatment in Ballwin MO

Root canals are a last resort to save a tooth from extraction. You'd need a root canal if you have an infected and painful root. Cavities are straightforward to treat, but there are times when the infection is so deep, a root canal is the only way to save the tooth. Dr. Postol has years of experience dealing with root canal therapy in Ballwin and can provide you with effective treatment.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is necessary for patients experiencing one or all the following:

During cleaning and examinations, we can find problems for patients deep inside a tooth. Diseased pulp can injure the bones and can lead to serious infection. Failure to have the tooth treated will leave you with an extraction, or even an infected jaw. Some patients end up in the ER because their tooth wasn't treated correctly and the infection spread.

How do Root Canals Work?

How does a root canal work exactly? When you visit our Ballwin dental office, we will take x-rays to see how far the infection has spread. We'll look for signs of other infection around the other teeth, too. We want to see if patients may need antibiotic treatment to help fight the infection. Once we determine a root canal is necessary, we will schedule a follow-up appointment top get started.

Dr. Postol will begin by numbing the area with anesthesia to ensure patients will not feel pain. When you're numb, we'll place a dental dam around the tooth to keep the area clean. Dr. Postol will continue to check on you throughout the procedure to make sure you are not feeling pain as he removes the pulp from the tooth. He'll use a series of small dental files to remove the pulp until your tooth is clean. Then, he will begin sanitizing and cleaning the tooth. We will take another x-ray to ensure all the roots are cleaned out and the infection is gone.

Once the tooth is cleaned, your Dr. Postol will fill it to keep it strong. Then, we will create a custom porcelain dental crown to place over it.

Why Root Canals?

Root Canals

A root canal and the placement of a dental crown can often restore a tooth’s functionality, eliminate pain, and prevent the loss of the tooth.

Unlike other treatments, root canals remove the infected tissue of a tooth and essentially “kill” the tooth. The tooth will start to grey over time, and will need a dental crown placed over it to keep it safe from bacteria and infection. When your root canal is completed, you shouldn't feel any pain. The new crown will look and function like the rest of your teeth. You just need to care for it like your other teeth, to prevent gum recession and infection from bacteria.

There are other benefits to saving a natural tooth instead of extracting it. Root canal treatments are relatively pain-free thanks to anesthesia and Dr. Postol’s effective treatment methods. In fact, people that have experienced both root canals and extractions say root canals are less painful.

Tooth extractions will leave you with a hole in your smile. A root canal allows you to keep your tooth, and a new dental crown will make the tooth blend in with your smile. The healing time from an extraction is weeks whereas most patients that get a root canal in Ballwin feel relief the same day.

Another benefit to root canal treatment is that most dental insurance plans will pay for a large part of the treatment. Patients will be able to avoid expensive extractions and dental implants by choosing a root canal treatment instead.

Why Choose Us?

Sleep Apnea Treatment Ballwin, MO

If you need a root canal, you should get it from a highly experienced dentist in Ballwin, MO. Dr. Postol has many years of experience performing root canals, and will take the utmost care to make sure you are comfortable.

During the procedure, we want you to feel confident in our skills and ability to help you get your beautiful smile back. We use the highest-quality anesthesia and materials to keep the root canal pain-free and clean, and we have a professional lab team that can create a custom crown for your smile. When you leave, you'll have a beautiful, functional crown and no more pain from your root canal! Want to learn more? Call us today.

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Can Root Canals Fail?

Some patients will experience a failed root canal because of other oral health problems. A root canal can fail if the restoration leaks, or gets cracked. Cavities can form under the crown, which can be difficult to identify on an x-ray. Dr. Postol will look for signs of infection during your routine examinations to check for problems with existing root canals.

Root canal treatments will not wear out, but there is a 5-15 percent chance of needing another due to a failed root canal. Dr. Postol has years of experience handling difficult root canal cases. He can ensure patients are receiving the best treatment for their needs.

How do I Care for My Teeth After a Root Canal?

Like a dental filling, a root canal doesn’t need a lot of after care. But, we do recommend that you allow the area to rest and avoid chewing hard foods on the area for a few days. Here are some other tips you can follow to care for your teeth:

If you need root canal treatment, contact us today! Our team is here to help you every step of the way with your oral health needs. We want you to be proud to share your smile with others and live without constant pain.

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