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Jaw Pain Treatment in Ballwin MO

If you’re experiencing jaw pain, TMD, or TMJ, you don’t have to live with the pain every day. At Kevin F. Postol, DDS, we want to help relieve your pain using both home and office treatments. These treatments can treat most mild to moderate jaw pain symptoms, and are a great way to begin healing while treating TMJ. Read on to learn some of our favorite home and office treatments for jaw pain.

Home Remedies

Using some simple home remedies and treatments can help relieve some of the mild or moderate jaw pain. If you regularly use these methods at home, your pain and discomfort can go away within a few weeks or months. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for jaw pain:

TMD & TMJ Treatment Ballwin, MO

Got jaw pain? We can help! Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, Dr. Postol can give you helpful advice and treatments.

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Dr. Postol strongly recommends you use these gentle treatments at home. These conservative treatments don’t invade the tissues of your face, jaw, or joint, and are less likely to cause more damage. These remedies can even work for patients with more severe symptoms, as most patients will not need aggressive types of treatment. If your jaw pain does get worse, please call our office today, and Dr. Postol will help you find other solutions to jaw pain.

In-Office Treatments

If home remedies aren’t enough to relieve your pain, you can seek out jaw pain treatment in Ballwin, MO. Dr. Postol has several years of experience providing TMJ, TMD, and jaw pain treatment. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Postol may recommend one of these different treatments to help. When you come into our office, Dr. Postol and his trained team members will listen carefully to your concerns and perform a thorough examination on your jaw. After Dr. Postol has gathered all the information needed, he will recommend one of the treatments listed below. If you’re unsure how each of these methods work, please ask questions! As you go through the treatment, Dr. Postol wil check in regularly to make sure it’s working. Read on to learn more about our in-office jaw pain treatments!

Oral Splints

Oral splints, or orthotics, are one of our most common methods in treating jaw pain. These splints help hold your jaw in place to allow it to heal. Day use splints are usually fabricated to be worn on the bottom teeth to make it more comfortable, less noticeable and easier to speak with it in. We generally prescribe a separate splint for night time use, which is worn on the upper teeth.

Therapeutic Injections

Prolo-therapy - These injections, made of strong sugar water, are inserted into the tendon and ligaments to stimulate collagen repair. It can also stimulate the body’s healing processes to strengthen and repair injured, painful joints and connective tissue.

Trigger Point Injections - Dr. Postol can inject pain medication or a numbing solution into your tender facial muscles to relieve pain. It will increase blood flow to the area and also break up the knots. While the pain medicine is working we recommend that you gently stretch your jaw and facial muscles after your procedure for better results.

Botox - Botox isn’t just for wrinkles! It’s one of the less invasive and painful treatments. Cosmetically, Botox works by relaxing the muscles that can cause wrinkles. Similarly, when injected into jaw muscles, they will relieve tightness, pain, and wear on the joint.

Medical Acupuncture

One of the original forms of Chinese medicine, acupuncture acts by restoring the balance flow of Qi, or energy. Our different nerves are connected throughout our body. If you have a headache for instance, one of the most common acupuncture treatments s to pinch the muscle between your thumb and index finger. To treat TMD or TMJ, needles may be inserted around the jaw, or even in other places on your body. These locations can alter the flow of Qi through the jaw to relieve pain and inflammation.

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the best techniques that can help address the cause of TMD and TMJ. Whether the pain comes from arthritis, a jaw injury, or from repeatedly grinding or clenching your teeth, regular massage therapy can make a difference. Teeth-clenching and grinding will lessen when the masseter muscles of the face are massaged. Dr. Postol and his team can perform the massage in our office, or we can recommend a reputable massage therapist in your area.

TMD & TMJ Treatment Ballwin, MO

Depending on your jaw pain severity, Dr. Postol may recommend a home or office treatment.

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Moist Heat Application

Most heat therapy can relieve pain and improve the function of your jaw. Wrapping a hot water bottle in a warm, moist towel can be one way to apply this moist heat. Just be sure to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

TENS Therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulations (TENS) therapy uses low-level electrical currents to relax the jaw joint and facial muscles. TENS can relieve TMD and TMJ pain for some people. This noninvasive treatment can be done at our office, or we can provide you with the technology to use at home.


This ultrasound treatment is deep heat that is we apply to the jaw. This is a useful treatment if you’re experience mobility problems, like lockjaw. Ultrasound therapy is normally reserved for more severe cases. If you think Ultrasound treatments will help, ask, Dr. Postol for a recommendation!


Iontophoresis is an electromedical method of delivering chemicals through the skin to a specific site. This electrochemical treatment avoids the affecting the rest of your body during the treatment, while allowing for a much more concentrated drug dosage to the needed site.

Use of Medications as Needed

Sometimes you may need medication, and that is okay. These prescriptions will be able to help more severe cases of TMD and TMJ. Dr. Postol will be able to recommend which will be best for your needs.

NSAIDs - Don’t discount the benefits of a good pain reliever. NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen can help relieve muscles pain and swelling. Most can be bought over-the-counter at a pharmacy or drugstore.

Muscle Relaxant - Muscle relaxants can help to relax tight jaw muscles. This can be especially useful for those who grind and clench their teeth. This medication requires a prescription.

Anti-Anxiety and Antidepressants - These medications will help to relieve the stress that is sometimes thought to aggravate TMD. These medicines are available only with a prescription.

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If you are experiencing jaw pain, there are many different treatments available for relief. Whether you are seeking home or office treatments, we have some great recommendations for you. Dr. Kevin F. Postol makes every effort to keep up to date on the best possible solutions for his patients. Ready to find the right solution for jaw pain? Contact us today! Dr. Postol and his team will be happy to help.

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