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Gum disease treatment in Ballwin MO

If you are struggling with gum disease, contact your Ballwin Family Dentist today.

Gum Disease Treatment in Ballwin, MO

Over half of the adult population in the United States struggles with some form of gum disease. Gum disease can quickly rear its ugly head thanks to simple things like hormonal shifts, plaque, smoking, and medications. In some situations, changing your eating habits can help to improve gum health. If you are seeking gum disease treatment in Ballwin, MO, contact Dr. Postol to schedule an appointment. We have several treatment plans and options available to help patients suffering from all stages of gum disease.

Common Causes of Gum Disease

To identify the right treatment, it always helps to start with identifying what is causing you to have problems with gum disease. We provide consultations for patients dealing with gum disease, from simple bleeding while flossing to patients suffering from loose teeth due to infected gum tissue. Here are some of the most common reasons why patients end up dealing with gum disease:

Treating Gum Disease Early

While prevention is the key to gum disease, it helps to focus on treating your condition early. When you begin to notice bleeding gums or sore gums, call our Ballwin dental office. Scheduling a dental cleaning is one way to identify which stage of gum disease you have. Some patients can reverse gum disease through healthier eating habits, proper brushing and flossing, and increasing their water intake. Other people may need to start antibiotics to cure mild cases of gingivitis. Antibiotics can eradicate the bacteria found below the gum line and causes the bleeding, inflammation, and pain to occur.

Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatments

Patients in need of treatment for gum disease will benefit from a dental cleaning where we can access the extent of gum disease progression. Most patients are in the initial stages of gingivitis, where non-surgical treatments work effectively to reverse gum disease.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planning is one of the initial treatment methods we use for gum disease. Scaling and root planning involves a deep cleaning around the teeth and just below the gum line to remove the plaque and bacteria leading to gingivitis.


Surgical Gum Disease Treatments

While brushing and flossing do help in reversing gum disease, a number of patients will need to discuss surgical treatment for gum disease. Gum disease surgery has dramatically improved over the last decade and many patients are able to enjoy their routine lifestyle within a day or two following surgery. Some methods use laser treatment to remove the infected gum tissues, allowing for proper healing to occur quickly. The invasiveness of the surgery will depend on the state of your gums, teeth, and bone structure.


When patients have gums that are loose and floppy, treatment is required to remove the diseased gum tissue. In most cases, we will be able to remove some of the excess gum tissue and tighten them.

Osseous Surgery

Gum flap surgery is known as osseous surgery. When a patient is dealing with severe gum disease, your Ballwin family dentist will use this surgery to remove the infected gum tissue and fit the gums securely back around the teeth. Flap surgery does require dental stitches as we focus on patching the gums back together. The healing time can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending upon the way your body heals.


One of the best things you can do for your health is to focus on daily prevention. You can maintain healthy gums through daily brushing and flossing. Some patients will need medicated mouthwash and toothpaste to aid in preventing gum disease. Daily brushing will help to remove plaque from the surface areas of the teeth while flossing helps to remove bacteria trapped below the gums and between the teeth. If you do not like using mouth rinse, another option is to always rinse your mouth with water multiple times a day, especially after eating as it helps to prevent excess bacteria from forming in the mouth. To learn more about gum disease treatment in Ballwin, MO, contact our office today. Dr. Postol, one of the best dentists in Ballwin, is happy to discuss treatment options with you.