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Gum Contouring in Ballwin MO

No two gum lines are the same. Some of them are high, some of them are low and others are in the middle. If you are somewhat self-conscious about your smile then there are ways for you to change this. Gum contouring is known as gingival sculpting and it is one of the many options that are available if you want to reshape your gum line.

Cosmetic Dentistry Ballwin, MO

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than looks. In many cases, it restores functionality as well as aesthetics, and can help self-confidence by creating a healthy, brilliant smile.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring reshapes and re-sculpts your gum line. The main process of gum contouring essentially involves cutting away or removing any excess tissue that you might have round your teeth. If you know that you have gum recession then the procedure will involve restoring the gum tissue. In a lot of cases, it’s an elective procedure. This means that you do not need to have it done for a medical reason, but it does drastically improve the general appearance of your teeth, gums or smile.

When is it Medically Necessary?

As mentioned above, gum contouring is normally done if you want your smile to look better. That being said, there are times when it is medically necessary. If you have some kind of periodontal disease, then gum contouring may also be another treatment option. Your dentist will first try and treat the disease by using non-surgical options. It may be that they use antibiotics to try and kill off the bacteria or even dental cleanings that try and restore the general health of your gums. If you find that these efforts do not work, then your dentist may well recommend pocket reduction surgery. This will help your gums and the surrounding bone, and it is fully designed to save your tooth. Gum contouring may well be part of this procedure.

What does Contouring Involve?

Gum contouring is usually done by a cosmetic dentist or a periodontist. It’s an in-office procedure and it is normally done within a single visit. In a lot of cases, you will stay awake during the whole procedure. Before the dentist starts, you will also be given local anesthesia which will numb the area. Your dentist then will use a laser or a scalpel to remove any excessive gum tissue and they will also work to re-sculpt the entire gum line to expose a lot more of the tooth. Sutures may well be used to try and hold the gum tissue in place so keep this in mind if possible.

If your gums recede and you need to undergo a procedure which involves adding tissue then your dentist will remove the tissue from another part of the mouth, which usually involves your palate. Surgery secures the tissue in place around your tooth and it also restructures your gum line too.

Will I Be Given Anesthesia?

A lot of people worry about the process of gum contouring as they think it will hurt. Dr. Postol will apply a local anesthetic before the procedure starts and this will numb your gums as a result. You should expect to feel some tenderness and numbness after the procedure is completed however.

The discomfort that you will experience will depend on the amount of gum that has been removed, or of course, reshaped. It may be that your dentist prescribes some pain relief to you after the surgery or you can even take over the counter pain relief if you want. Aspirin can cause bleeding so there’s a high chance that your dentist will advise against taking this if possible. It’s also possible for you to reduce the amount of pain that you are in by simply applying a cold compress or an ice pack. You can do this for a couple of weeks after your procedure has been carried out. If you want to get the maximum result, then make sure that you apply the compress for 15 minutes at a time.

How long is the Recovery Time?

Gum contouring tends to involve a little downtime and complete healing may take a few days or even weeks depending on the surgery that you have had. You may have to limit some of the activities that you do for a few days depending on the tenderness that you feel. Since your mouth and your gums will feel tender, you may need to eat soft foods for a few days. Some of the foods that you should be focusing on include applesauce, yoghurt and soup. Your dentist will provide you with some dietary instructions and they will also let you know if there are any foods that you should ultimately avoid while recovering.

You will probably have a follow-up appointment which is a couple of days after the procedure. Your dentist will also check your gums to ensure that you are healing well while also looking out for any signs of infection.

During your healing period, it’s a good idea for you to use antibiotic mouthwash to reduce the chance of infection. Signs of infection include swelling and discharge.

How much does it Cost?

Gum contouring is often done for a cosmetic reason. This makes it a somewhat elective procedure. The cost can vary, depending on how much of the gum needs to be added or removed. It can also vary depending on the type of contouring you need done.

If you are interested in getting your gums reshaped, then schedule an appointment with our team. When you do, you can then count on us to give you the advice you need, we can also work with you to make sure that you are more than satisfied with the end result as well. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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