Your Smile is a Reflection of Your Overall Health

We smile hundreds of times a day – for happiness, confidence, politeness, and many other social reasons. With so much at stake, we should not forget about looking after the health of our mouth, teeth, and gums?! The look of your smile says a lot about you, so it should reflect its personality and health. Be sure to have one that others will notice for the right reasons.

A healthy smile, a healthy body

Following a poor diet, not exercising, smoking, or drinking can negatively affect our bodies. Just like you might notice a weight gain or new pimples, our lifestyle, and health affect our smile.

Indeed, what we eat and our daily habits can protect our teeth or can be highly detrimental. Moreover, some tooth problems, such as chipping and grinding, are directly linked to stress and anxiety. If you are not sure how to improve the health of your teeth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin F. Postol and find out which of your habits are beneficial.

We will be able to identify any possible underlying issues and help you improve the general level of your health. Indeed, we would not limit ourselves to assess your teeth, but we also aim at resolving the root of the problem.

Chipped, missing, or worn teeth

Undoubtedly, your teeth and smile is the first thing others will notice about you and can truly help you make a fantastic first impression. However, time and detrimental habits might have taken a hit on the health and look of your teeth.

One of the most recurrent reasons behind tooth decay is our diet. Indeed, today our eating habits, ingredients, and recipes involve high quantities of sugars and refined carbs, which aid the development of harmful bacteria in our mouths.

However, wanting to repair a loose or missing tooth is not just a matter of vanity, but should also be a health priority. Such unbalance in your mouth can create jaw and chewing problems over time, as well as becoming more challenging to resolve.

In this case, paying a visit to your dentist can help you figure out what is the best solution and plan of action for your situation. Many patients indeed need to turn around their habits entirely and reevaluate their diets and routines. If you are concerned about changing your lifestyle, contact us so we can plan the best strategy together.

Healthy gums go a long way

Gums are often forgotten, yet they are just as important as your teeth in portraying your health. Indeed, our gums should be firm and pink. In the eventuality that you have noticed them being red, pale, or swollen, you should speak immediately to your dentist.

Aside from inflammations and infections, unhealthy gums can be a sign of anemia or diabetes, conditions that need prompt treatment. Moreover, eating disorders and conditions can cause your mouth to look unhealthy and worn. To restore the look and feel of your teeth, give us a call today!

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