Why You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Kevin. F. Postol and the team at our Ballwin dental practice like to ensure that every patient who steps through our doors can feel confident and comfortable with the treatment we provide. Besides guaranteeing some of the best care standards possible, we also like to make sure that you choose the best options for you.

When it comes to helping to improve the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry solutions are likely to be the best fit. Here are some reasons why they’re worth considering.

Improve the appearance of your smile

Perhaps the most common cosmetic issue our team deals with, above all else, is tooth discoloration. Your teeth can be discolored over time due to age, neglect of your dental routine, certain foods, medications, and smoking. Yellowing, greying, or browning teeth can affect your confidence in your smile, but from teeth whitening techniques to porcelain veneers, we can help you smile proudly.

You can repair all kinds of damage

The line between cosmetic and restorative dentistry can seem blurred. Both the porcelain veneers and dental crowns we offer can help you address discolored teeth, cracks, chips, and other damage that may compromise your smile. As well as improving and repairing the appearance of your smile, cosmetic treatments can also improve the health and function or your teeth. You will be able to eat as you could before any damage occurred.

Ensure the long-term health of your teeth

Issues like cracked and crooked teeth aren’t just cosmetic problems. They can be an issue for your general dental health, as well. Teeth that become more crooked over time can cause pain, tooth decay, gum disease, and damage to other healthy teeth. The Invisalign treatment provided by Dr. Postol can help you address this risk, improving your overall well being.

Long-lasting results

One of the best reasons to consider cosmetic treatments is that, as a patient, you can rest assured that the results are likely to last you for years. Some treatments, like teeth whitening and Invisalign, need to be carried out over multiple visits to ensure the best possible effects. With treatments like using veneers and crowns, you can expect them to last up to as long as a decade. Of course, this largely depends on the condition of your mouth and which treatments are best suited to your needs.

Improved quality of life overall

You should consider the physical reasons to look at our cosmetic dentistry services, but you should think about the positive impact they could have on your mental health. If you feel yourself being shy with your smiles, are self-conscious about photos, or how you appear in public settings due to your teeth, then we can help.

Dr. Kevin F. Postol and his team are equipped and ready to help patients address all kinds of cosmetic dentistry needs. Whether you’re dealing with discolored, cracked, chipped, or crooked teeth, schedule a consultation with us to find the best way to fix them. Contact us today!

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