Travel Safe for the Holidays

Travel safe this holiday season.

When it comes to dental care, you can never be too careful. Too many people neglect their teeth and gums, and it’s easy to do around the holidays. Caring for your teeth is one of the best holiday gifts you can give yourself!

On top of keeping your teeth healthy, we also want to make sure you travel safe this holiday season. Here are some safety tips from your Ballwin family dentist so your holiday travel is stress-free!

Check Weather and Flight Times

While the weather may look great one day, it can change quickly. You may need to handle changing weather patterns that could delay your flights. If you are planning to fly the same time as other travelers, you can expect delays. This busy time of year always has delays in security lines, plane boarding times, and more. Weather apps on phones are one of the best ways to track storms. Most airlines provide updated travel times on their apps and emails to keep travelers in the loop.

Leave Early

If you are hitting the road this holiday season, head out early! Not only do you want to get a jump on the traffic, but leaving in the early morning hours will significantly decrease the likelihood of congestion and traffic accidents.

If you are traveling in an area with snow, consider getting snow tires. Packing some chains and tow-ropes are wise ideas if there are may be serious snow on the roads. Get an emergency roadside kit with water, food, warm clothes, and a first aid kit in case you get stranded.

Charge Your Devices

When traveling, it is important to have your devices charged. You could be sitting in the airport for hours, so it helps to have some books to read or things to do so you aren’t bored. Pack an extra charger for your devices, so you can plug in while you are waiting at the airport. If you have kids, bring headphones for them to use when they are playing on devices, so they do not disturb other passengers.

Pack Smart

If you really want to be prepared for holiday travel, take the time to pack early. You don’t want to forget something essential, like your toothbrush and toothpaste!

Failure to keep up with your daily dental routine will put you at risk for tooth decay and gum deterioration. It doesn’t take long for bacteria to start invading and causing a handful of oral health issues. If you have any end of year dental items to take care of, call your Ballwin family dentist today to schedule your appointment.

The last thing you want to do is travel with a tooth on the edge of a root canal! Create a list of everything you use on a daily basis, and pick up some smaller travel-sized items to save on baggage space.

Our last tip is to call the one of the best dentists in Ballwin to schedule your dental cleaning at the first of the year! Getting a jump on your oral health is the best way to prevent serious oral health issues.

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