The Mouth-Body Connection

When we think about improving our overall health, most of us don’t think about oral health first. Maybe not even second or at all! Dr. Postol and our amazing team are considered one of the best family dentists in Ballwin because we don’t just look at and treat symptoms. We care about your overall and long-term health.Your Ballwin family dentist explains the mouth-body connection.

Gum disease treatment in Ballwin is a core part of our dental care. We believe that your dental health has a direct effect on your overall health. There is overwhelming research that shows how many of our chronic illness are directly related to our oral health.

Just how much of a difference can treating gum disease and general oral health make? Some doctors say that good dental health can add as many as six years to your lifespan! Not only can taking care of your teeth and gums add years to your life, it can significantly improve the quality of those years as well.

How Does This Apply To Me?

According to the Center for Disease Control, “One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease. In adults 65 and older, prevalence rates increase to 70.1 percent.” With those percentages, there’s definitely room for improvement.

More About the Mouth-Body Connection

A few of the most common ways that bacteria enter the body is by; simply swallowing saliva, especially first thing in the morning. Our mouths are also naturally very absorbent. The mucous membrane absorbs nutrients and bacteria alike. Lastly, when tartar builds up on the gum line, the natural blood barrier is weakened, allowing bacteria to enter into the bloodstream.

These are just a few of the many ways that harmful oral bacteria is being shown to affect our bodies with a variety of health issues including; heart disease, strokes, diabetes, respiratory problems, pregnancy complications, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and even memory loss.

What Can I Do?

Fortunately for all of us, Periodontic medicine is proving to us that we have far more control over our overall health than we previously realized. Given that those with a severe Periodontal disease are 40% more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, preventing oral disease can make a lasting and significant impact on our lives.

At Kevin F. Postol, DDS, we provide gingivitis and gum disease treatment. If your gums bleed while you are brushing and flossing, give us a call to make an appointment. Our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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