Improve Your Dental Health with These Five Foods

5 foods, dental healthKeeping your teeth and gums healthy can be tricky, and Dr. Postol wants to help Ballwin, MO residents get their mouths in tip-top shape. Here are five foods that can improve your dental health and may even help you avoid costly procedures such as implants, fillings, and more.

1) Celery

The evil villain in many dental scenarios is plaque. And foods cause plaque, right? But did you know that some foods can actually help remove plaque from your teeth? Celery, along with carrots and apples, has the ability to get some stains and plaque off of your teeth before they cause problems for your oral health.


2) Yogurt

There has been a lot of publicity lately about yogurt’s ability to improve digestion, but those same bacteria are now believed to keep you from having bad breath. Research has also shown that yogurt eaters are less likely to suffer from both tooth loss and periodontal or gum disease. Now that’s something anyone in Ballwin, MO can get excited about!


3) Pomegranate

Preliminary studies show that this fruit may increase antioxidant activity in the mouth, as well as possibly decreasing the amount of cavity-forming bacteria. Although testing is still in the early stages, Dr. Postol suggests adding some fresh pomegranate to your diet every once in a while. However, try to avoid the juice which may not be as beneficial because of its sugar content.


4) Cheese

Studies show that cheese can help keep your teeth healthy in a number of ways. Its texture  increases the amount of saliva in your mouth, which is one of the main factors in fighting cavities. Additionally, its mineral contents and nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous and protein can help neutralize the negative effects of plaque.


5) Spinach

This and other greens may create a barrier for stains by leaving an invisible film over your teeth. A good idea could be to eat a salad with some of these leafy veggies before indulging in tooth-staining beverages such as wine or cranberry juice.


If you have questions about any of these foods, or anything else concerning your mouth, please contact Dr. Postol in Ballwin, MO and schedule an appointment with St. Louis Dental today!


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