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Cosmetic Dentistry in Ballwin

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than looks. In many cases, cosmetic dental care restores functionality as well as aesthetics, and can help rectify self-esteem or self-confidence issues by creating a healthy, brilliant smile.

Stained or Discolored Teeth

Teeth can become stained from contact with a variety of substances, including coffee, tea, or nicotine. If you don’t like to smile because of the color of your teeth, ask about our chairside teeth whitening process which can be completed in-office, or our take-home tooth whitening kits.

Cosmetic Dentistry Ballwin, MO

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than looks. In many cases, it restores functionality as well as aesthetics, and can help self-confidence by creating a healthy, brilliant smile.

Crooked Teeth

Is your smile uneven due to crooked or misaligned teeth? Did you not have the advantage of an orthodontist as a young teen? Clear braces or Invisalign can gently and discretely shift teeth into their correct placement over a period of months, creating a straight, even smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Gaps, Chips, or Cracks

Gaps between teeth, or chips or cracks in visible tooth surfaces can make you shy about sharing your smile. Bonding can fix many minor cosmetic problems, as can enamel shaping. Porcelain veneers can create an amazing smile with minimal invasiveness, giving you the grin you deserve.

Dental Implants

When teeth are severely damaged or decayed and require extraction, or teeth are lost due to trauma or bone loss in the jaw, gaps can be left that not only look unsightly, but compromise the integrity of the entire arch of remaining teeth. Dental implants can provide a solid foundation for a natural looking tooth replacement that looks, feels and functions like the original.

Smile Makeovers

Sometimes, damage or tooth loss can be so extensive that a full mouth reconstruction is the best solution. A combination of techniques and treatments can be used to create a beautiful smile makeover that feels natural and allows you to smile, eat, and speak as well as or even better than you did before.

Changing smiles for the better is only half of the goal with most cosmetic dental procedures. Having a great smile can improve your life mentally, emotionally, and socially; having a correct bite can improve your life physically as well.Cosmetic Dentistry can change your life for the better. Contact us today and set an appointment for a consultation. You deserve your dream smile, and our team can make your dreams come true!